Sunday, September 12, 2010


HELLO Everyone...I am writing this new post nearly after 20 days as i was not here and recently i returned back to Allahabad where i am doing job from my Home back in Modinagar , Ghaziabad.
Today i am going to write about my interest in mobile phones. I like very much using the mobile phone rather a multimedia,multi functional phone.I am a big fan of mobile phones as i like to talk a lot on phone and access net on phone and that is why i recently bought my all new Samsung Corby Plus BT-3410 ,a Querty Keypad,full touch phone and really i am loving it..

I`ll talk about my new phone but before that i wanna tell you guys about different phones which i used till date.

As far as i remember the first mobile phone that i got in 2003 just after passing my 12th class was NOKIA 3315.It was also the first mobile phone in our house and that too for me...I cant explain in words how happy i was that time.All thanks to my mom and dad..

I still love the simlplicity and robustness of that phone,it never hanged as it was brand Nokia.I still remember that time my outgoing call charges were Rs. 2.40/min and we used to pay Rs.349 to get one month validity.

After that phone in 2004 i used another nokia brand phone the model of which i dont remember.

Then i had Nokia 3500 in 2005 or 2006,yes again Nokia,we love this brand.It was a nice pink coloured camera phone.

After that we had all new NOKIA 6030.It was a silver coloured very nice and beautiful phone of mine.I used to surf lot of net on this mobile.I still remember i roamed a lot alongwith abhishek for its datacable but failed to get it.And when i got it from one shop,it dint worked on my PC,all efforts went vain..

Hmmm...wasn`t it beautiful???

Chalo aage chalte hai.... After this Nokia 6030,i had a secondhand Nokia 6600.
It was a cute looking phone.

As it was a second hand phone,first few days it was ok but later on,few of its keys started misfunctioning.Even after few days its joystick stopped working well.I tried a lot to get it repaired a lot but everytime after few days it used to stop moving fine.So i changed that phone also.

Now it was 2008 or early 2009 i think,when i got my NAVIGATOR,yess Again NOKIA.
Superb phone....3G,GPS,maps ,camera ,adobe reader,lot of other features........

I took the utmost care of this phone,even then its big screen broke 2 times and cost me Rs.3000 each time.However,i`ll rank this phone No.1 over all the phones i used.Later on i gave this phone to my bro, and i got a all new

Samsung Corby mate,yes you read it right,samsung ,i changed the brand for the first time,
It was a Querty Keypad smartphone.Its Batterybackup was not good.

Then again i returned to Nokia ,yes NOkia 2730, a 3G phone.
Nokia 2730 classic

It is a nice phone but few disadvantages like no secondary camera,Volume of ringtone is very low .Due to this i missed lot of phone calls,specially during nights.Due to this i changed this phone tooo which i had upto last month.

Now i have all new phone of mine yes... SAMSUNG CORBY PLUS BT-3410

Yes, this is my current phone,it is a excellent phone with full touch screen,Qwerty keypad,superb sound,3.5 mm audio jack port.

Its touchscreen is also quiet long and wide. I also clicked some pictures of my phone ..let me post them here for you all....

Its QWERTY keypad is very helpful in writing messages or tweets.

One more different feature of this phone is that the centre black key that you are seeing below the screen is not enter or ok key as generally all phones have,it is a back button,we went one step back.

Its wide screen is very helpful in reading emails,accessing net,writing tweets etc.Its major advantage is that it can be charged through laptop in case of power failure.

However few things which it lacks are-- NO 3G facility,no scrolloing buttons on front window

With this phone,i remain connected to net 24*7 all the time ,i access email with this.
And specially i use twitter on this via snaptu application.For snaptu all thanks to my best friend Abhishek Bhardwaj(@bhardwajme on twitter).I should say he is my technical friend tooo....he keeps telling me all the things,which application to download on phone,on laptop,different ways of accessing Twitter etc etc.... Thanks ABHi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. -- I think i have missed 2 or 3 phones ,which i used but i dont remember the model so i have not mentioned them here.

Please do post your feedback here in comments section and contact or follow me at @manishrajora on twitter.

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