Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Our National capital DELHI got the so-called SOBHAGYA of organizing these games in the years back in 2003 and these games are also being organized there currently and will begin on Oct 03 officially.

I am not going to discuss in detail what our central government ,Delhi government and Organizing Committee (OC) has done to the games (who already messed up the games even after getting increase in the original budget of ` 6,000 cr to ` 60,000 cr ) because already everyone in India even the Chaiwalas can be found discussing the fate of CW Games however they maynot not what these games are all about,where they held last time but they do know something big is happening in Dilli,lot of money has been wasted, government has failed completely in organizing these games leading to big insult of India --- All thanks to Media for the fuss!!

Ok, whatever government has done, has done and what the media is doing now??? In a way they are helping the critics of India who wants these games to be a complete fail.I am not saying media should not show such news of bridge collapsing,pending works but don’t show them beyond the limit by glamourising the reports.

Media can make the nation, media can break the nation !!

Really,our media is breaking the nation !Memorise, have you seen any report on any news channel (barring DD News) in the recent past that showed you the only positive aspects, urged the people to stand together and come to Delhi to see the Games and make them a big hit.

NO ,none of them showed this, I don’t know why, maybe all news editors think that their duty is just to show the negative aspects of CWG not the positive one.

If Ambassador of South Africa is unhappy with the arrangements,they show it again and again on the TV,but when sometimes later someone says Games Village is Superb, That guy should feel lucky if this statement of his ,finds place even in the scrollbar of any private news channel.

Is this Indian Media ? Or of any other nation??

According to me more than Government ,media is responsible for defaming India round the globe. Everynews channel reported the falling of a Indian Athlete`s bed for two three days and streched it so that even I got confused whether this is the same case or another bed collapsed when I saw the news next day again.
Was this such big news? If screws got loose anyhow, bed may collapse,not at all such big issue.

TimesNow in particular was my all time favourite news channel, now I hate seeing the face of Arnab Goswami.

He started the two men fight – Kalmadi Vs Arnab.



If you want to see just the negativity related to CWG ,tune into this channel Times Now.

This Channel also directly defame india inviting foreigners and journalist live into his newshour and defame India LIVE.
Tagline "Always with the news" should be replaced by "Always against the CWG"

However ,According to me,tunein to Zee News if want to see both positive and Negative aspects,the balanced news by Punya Prasoon Vaypayee.

Tune to DD News and see only the Glamorous side of the Games.

Too much vibrant our media is. Isn`t it??

Media getting into all this negativity only is not correct.I have seen the many pictures and heard lot of interviews ,our Games village is the best village in the history of CWG ,however many loopholes are there worth concern,for these loopholes all thanks to our corrupt system and government.

I was listening Narayan Murthy today,he was saying private sector should have been involved while organizing such big events.He is 100% right i think,lack of professionals from private sector
leads to the present scenerio despite the budget of Rs.60,000 Crore(includes Metro Rail Project,Flyovers etc).

Media generally have a very important role to play in the society,Several unanswered questions are addressed by the concerned if they ask them but Media is not raising many points which they should really,viz:

# Crores were spent on hiring CWG brand ambassadors. Now where is Sushil,Abhinav Bindra, Saina Nehwal etc?When will they promote CWG,after they are over?
However,here also OC is responsible but no this point is raised because apparently they don’t want to get CWG promoted.
OC should have already made several advertisements using these stars and should be shown all over the world.

#Also where is the CWG themesong? Not coming on TV?
New version was also supposed to come ,but will it come after oct 13??
Really JAI HO !! Rehman !

Also several issues are there left untouched by media.

But we Indians should pray,these games should be a huge success.
It is the high time for all common people,media,government and OC to work together in making games unforgettable and shutting the mouth of all countries by organizing them in a superb way.
Also lets hope Terrorist should also not succeed in their unhumane motives and also people will maintain calm despite ill-timed court ruling.

In the end,let me also thank the INDIAN ARMY for re-building that collapsed bridge and that too in a period of few days...
Forget Everything now.....

Let`s go to Delhi !! Dilli bula rahi hai……………….

Am i wrong? Feel free to post your comments in the comments section below.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

JAI SHRI RAM !!!!!!!

AYODHYA -- The birth place of lord Ram, is there on all news channels,magazines and newspapers now a days.


Even Lord Ram wont have ever imagined that His birth place will be in news all over the world not because it was His birthplace,an holyplace but because His birthplace is now a disputed structure.

Whatever I know is that, In 1524 Babri Mosque was built there after dismantling Ram Mandir,later someone in 80`s (or 60`s not sure) put the statue of lord Ram there and people started worshipping which creates unrestness among Muslims,watching the growing tensions,local court judge locked out the premises.Then Rajiv Gandhi`s govt.gave the permission to open that lock and communal tensions again started increasing.Then we all know what happened in 1992,Some Hindu elements tried and upto somewhere succeeded in dismantling that mosque.

From that day till date ,that area is no man zone.

Nobody is allowed to go there and is completely under the control of security forces. Muslims want to make mosque there and hindus Ram Mandir!!Thats the issue.

Lucknow branch of Hon`ble High Court of Allahabad on Sept 24,2010 at 1530 hrs IST will pronounce its decision which is already reserved and decision will now surely come on Sept 24 as Highcourt today rejected the petition asking of not declaring the result and even imposed the fine of ` 10 lakh for wasting the court`s time.

Now Court is expected to deliver the decision on following things ::

# Who actually is the owner of that disputed area?

#Was mosque build after dismantling Ram Mandir? If yes,Then is such construction valid as per Islam.

#Is that very place is the birthplace of Lord Ram.

And several other questions.

But the big question is Whether everything will be all right after court`s decision is out? Certainly I doubt that. However, it is good to see that all the parties and all the outfits whether hindus or muslims are currently saying that they`ll accept the court decision,Let see they standby it or not.

But over the 60 years ,the case is pending,I think the decision should be out now.

Also law and order situation may worsen after decision so ultimate security arrangements are being made.Hundreds of Battalion of different security forces have been called to U.P. by the state govt. and as currently I am living in Allahabad,today i saw ,at every crossing, at every half KM ,lot of Security officials are there,even I saw ITBP battalion doing flagmarch in many areas here in Allahabad.

Personally, I believe decision should come in faviour of Ram Mandir because everyone knows Ayodhya is the birthplace of lord Ram, then it is possible, rather reality that same is the place where Lord Ram was born. Also this city is no much significant to Muslims so let the Mosque be built somewhere else.

I have also one more suggestion which can be or should be acceptable to both community,Let that place divide into two equal parts and Both Mandir and Mosque be built side by side.

Lets wait for the Hon`ble Court`s Order and respect the same !!

However, everyone of you may have different views, views of yours are all welcome in my comments section. Do tell me what do you think what should be build there?


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Sunday, September 12, 2010


HELLO Everyone...I am writing this new post nearly after 20 days as i was not here and recently i returned back to Allahabad where i am doing job from my Home back in Modinagar , Ghaziabad.
Today i am going to write about my interest in mobile phones. I like very much using the mobile phone rather a multimedia,multi functional phone.I am a big fan of mobile phones as i like to talk a lot on phone and access net on phone and that is why i recently bought my all new Samsung Corby Plus BT-3410 ,a Querty Keypad,full touch phone and really i am loving it..

I`ll talk about my new phone but before that i wanna tell you guys about different phones which i used till date.

As far as i remember the first mobile phone that i got in 2003 just after passing my 12th class was NOKIA 3315.It was also the first mobile phone in our house and that too for me...I cant explain in words how happy i was that time.All thanks to my mom and dad..

I still love the simlplicity and robustness of that phone,it never hanged as it was brand Nokia.I still remember that time my outgoing call charges were Rs. 2.40/min and we used to pay Rs.349 to get one month validity.

After that phone in 2004 i used another nokia brand phone the model of which i dont remember.

Then i had Nokia 3500 in 2005 or 2006,yes again Nokia,we love this brand.It was a nice pink coloured camera phone.

After that we had all new NOKIA 6030.It was a silver coloured very nice and beautiful phone of mine.I used to surf lot of net on this mobile.I still remember i roamed a lot alongwith abhishek for its datacable but failed to get it.And when i got it from one shop,it dint worked on my PC,all efforts went vain..

Hmmm...wasn`t it beautiful???

Chalo aage chalte hai.... After this Nokia 6030,i had a secondhand Nokia 6600.
It was a cute looking phone.

As it was a second hand phone,first few days it was ok but later on,few of its keys started misfunctioning.Even after few days its joystick stopped working well.I tried a lot to get it repaired a lot but everytime after few days it used to stop moving fine.So i changed that phone also.

Now it was 2008 or early 2009 i think,when i got my NAVIGATOR,yess Again NOKIA.
Superb phone....3G,GPS,maps ,camera ,adobe reader,lot of other features........

I took the utmost care of this phone,even then its big screen broke 2 times and cost me Rs.3000 each time.However,i`ll rank this phone No.1 over all the phones i used.Later on i gave this phone to my bro, and i got a all new

Samsung Corby mate,yes you read it right,samsung ,i changed the brand for the first time,
It was a Querty Keypad smartphone.Its Batterybackup was not good.

Then again i returned to Nokia ,yes NOkia 2730, a 3G phone.
Nokia 2730 classic

It is a nice phone but few disadvantages like no secondary camera,Volume of ringtone is very low .Due to this i missed lot of phone calls,specially during nights.Due to this i changed this phone tooo which i had upto last month.

Now i have all new phone of mine yes... SAMSUNG CORBY PLUS BT-3410

Yes, this is my current phone,it is a excellent phone with full touch screen,Qwerty keypad,superb sound,3.5 mm audio jack port.

Its touchscreen is also quiet long and wide. I also clicked some pictures of my phone ..let me post them here for you all....

Its QWERTY keypad is very helpful in writing messages or tweets.

One more different feature of this phone is that the centre black key that you are seeing below the screen is not enter or ok key as generally all phones have,it is a back button,we went one step back.

Its wide screen is very helpful in reading emails,accessing net,writing tweets etc.Its major advantage is that it can be charged through laptop in case of power failure.

However few things which it lacks are-- NO 3G facility,no scrolloing buttons on front window

With this phone,i remain connected to net 24*7 all the time ,i access email with this.
And specially i use twitter on this via snaptu application.For snaptu all thanks to my best friend Abhishek Bhardwaj(@bhardwajme on twitter).I should say he is my technical friend tooo....he keeps telling me all the things,which application to download on phone,on laptop,different ways of accessing Twitter etc etc.... Thanks ABHi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. -- I think i have missed 2 or 3 phones ,which i used but i dont remember the model so i have not mentioned them here.

Please do post your feedback here in comments section and contact or follow me at @manishrajora on twitter.

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