Saturday, August 21, 2010


Really i used to think many times, dollar has its own symbol,euro has its own.why dont our rupee?

But now we got our symbol.Now we dont need to write Re,Rs or INR.It`ll we represented by the following symbol ::
This symbol got the cabinet`s approval on Thursday.The search for the new symbol was not easy.After organizing a competetion,this symbol was finally selected from the 3000 enteries.
The symbol was selected by the renowned artists and designers apart from several others.
This symbol was created by an IITian Uday kumar.He also won the cash price of Rs. 2.5 Lakh.
Definitely his name will be remembered in future as the creator of INR symbol.
The symbol is an amalgam of the Indian Devanagari script Ra and the Roman capital letter R without the stem.
Now India Rupee has its own symbol and it will be in use all over the world shortly,however TV news channels has already started using it.However common people like us will feel some initial problems as this symbol is not on our keypads.
So let our symbol rock over others .Let`s start using our own symbol !!
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