Friday, September 17, 2010

JAI SHRI RAM !!!!!!!

AYODHYA -- The birth place of lord Ram, is there on all news channels,magazines and newspapers now a days.


Even Lord Ram wont have ever imagined that His birth place will be in news all over the world not because it was His birthplace,an holyplace but because His birthplace is now a disputed structure.

Whatever I know is that, In 1524 Babri Mosque was built there after dismantling Ram Mandir,later someone in 80`s (or 60`s not sure) put the statue of lord Ram there and people started worshipping which creates unrestness among Muslims,watching the growing tensions,local court judge locked out the premises.Then Rajiv Gandhi`s govt.gave the permission to open that lock and communal tensions again started increasing.Then we all know what happened in 1992,Some Hindu elements tried and upto somewhere succeeded in dismantling that mosque.

From that day till date ,that area is no man zone.

Nobody is allowed to go there and is completely under the control of security forces. Muslims want to make mosque there and hindus Ram Mandir!!Thats the issue.

Lucknow branch of Hon`ble High Court of Allahabad on Sept 24,2010 at 1530 hrs IST will pronounce its decision which is already reserved and decision will now surely come on Sept 24 as Highcourt today rejected the petition asking of not declaring the result and even imposed the fine of ` 10 lakh for wasting the court`s time.

Now Court is expected to deliver the decision on following things ::

# Who actually is the owner of that disputed area?

#Was mosque build after dismantling Ram Mandir? If yes,Then is such construction valid as per Islam.

#Is that very place is the birthplace of Lord Ram.

And several other questions.

But the big question is Whether everything will be all right after court`s decision is out? Certainly I doubt that. However, it is good to see that all the parties and all the outfits whether hindus or muslims are currently saying that they`ll accept the court decision,Let see they standby it or not.

But over the 60 years ,the case is pending,I think the decision should be out now.

Also law and order situation may worsen after decision so ultimate security arrangements are being made.Hundreds of Battalion of different security forces have been called to U.P. by the state govt. and as currently I am living in Allahabad,today i saw ,at every crossing, at every half KM ,lot of Security officials are there,even I saw ITBP battalion doing flagmarch in many areas here in Allahabad.

Personally, I believe decision should come in faviour of Ram Mandir because everyone knows Ayodhya is the birthplace of lord Ram, then it is possible, rather reality that same is the place where Lord Ram was born. Also this city is no much significant to Muslims so let the Mosque be built somewhere else.

I have also one more suggestion which can be or should be acceptable to both community,Let that place divide into two equal parts and Both Mandir and Mosque be built side by side.

Lets wait for the Hon`ble Court`s Order and respect the same !!

However, everyone of you may have different views, views of yours are all welcome in my comments section. Do tell me what do you think what should be build there?


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