Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life !!

It`s been a really long time when I wrote my last post here, since then life has taken a bounce and the same I am going to share a bit ,so it's a post on personal life today…. 

Almost 2.5 long years I worked there in Allahabad, being in the job profile I was not happy at all with, made me almost sick, I was not happy at all ,I was just living there because I had no guts of leaving that job and search for new one, yes I was a weak boy, rather still I am. Then in January this year ,my roommate for over a year Mohit Trivedi,got job in his hometown Jaipur,so i was alone then. Loneliness made me almost go mad,I was fully frustrated from my life with no hope of change.Same boring life with same schedule continues in Allahabad. I used to talk to no one except my mom,I used to call her daily several times a day ,discuss all other thing except my job. And talking to mom was only my means of getting relaxed but even she didn`t know that I was felling damn trapped there.Lot of times I broke into tears ,felt helpless and shattered.I was just going through the worst phase of my life.
Then, after several hiccups ,god listened to me too and I got a job in PSU sector in june this year. I just can’t explain the feeling in words,that excited I was when I got inducted in new job in Gurgaon. Major part of that happiness was that I am going to meet my best friend (Abhishek Bhardwaj) in Delhi more often now (without bothering the fact that I was supposed to be transferred anywhere in India after two weeks ) .Kher, we both managed to met ,talked a lot like we always do.Whenever we meet ,we spend the whole time taking n talking n talking roaming around the streets and that’s the best way you can meet your friend. Watching cinema, unlike others, we feel is a waste of that precious time of few hours.
Luckily Abhishek also got a better job and shifted to pune (yes prospects of meeting him more often ended though). Super Luckily I got my first posting in my hometown , which was no less than miracle as majority of batch mates got their maiden postings in South India .Living in home daily after 3 years was a dream come true. Office was just 10 min away .All colleagues were great, cooperative and humble , it was just like a home ,never felt like going to Office there, learned things in fun. The best thing that I got from that branch is my colleague ,now a special friend, Naveen,a humble, cooperative and sweet guy. Time used to pass in no time .Office was just another home these days.Going to movies with him during weekends & otherwise made things good. But like they say, when you start enjoying something,kisi ki nazar lag jati hai ,same thing happened and I got transferred to Ghaziabad Office early this month just after completion of 4 months period.
The environment in new branch is not as good as last branch. Being 90% female staff branch, that  connect is missing here ,individuals are less co operative ,remains busy in own work, and leave the office as soon as they finish their work, yes they are fully professional, barring few ,no personal touch at all.
When you are away ,only then one feel the value of what they had! I miss Naveen here everyday ,every now and then.
But we still manage to meet and enjoy ,in fact just yesterday he gave surprised visit to my office .

Now routine life is going on,we have to adapt to changes and stay Firm ! C`est la vie !!

Also i would like to share one beautiful incident. Recently during our routine training programme in Gurgaon recently, I met one colleague from Jaipur Office  .His name was Deepak, He was the most loud guy during the entire 3 days long session,used to ask too tough Qns from faculty and sometimes ultra silly Qns .Overall a impressive guy but a bit over active.However ,I prefer to stay away from such guys, anyhow during lunch we both shared the same table. Starting from basic things ,conversation deepens and I came to know shocking truths about that guy . It is his 13th job (mine 2nd) .Cleared IIT pre ,didn’t had money to fill form for mains.,He even didn`t hesitated to tell that Tea- selling was his first job, then worked at many stores along with studies and now, was sitting before me .He proudly told me his father was a vegetable seller,now paralyzed.
His parents health is not in good condition, still he was laughing ,joking and all …
He was very confident and I could see that in his eyes and he told me that after 7-8 years you’ll see my name in Newspapers.
Even after the conversation I kept thinking about him for long time,he left such a hard impression on my heart and purpose of going to that training prog got accomplished ,although otherwise.
Had I been at his place,I would have thought millions time before telling a colleague that I was a tea-seller.
There were 100 things i could learn from him.
He taught me never to feel shy of your colleagues while asking simple n silly Question,just be confident always, believe in yourself, help old and females ,etc

His watsapp status is – “God always gives us instincts to improve…it`s us ,who has to understand… I do”

I learnt many things from him…. And deepak ,if your reading it ,I would like to say thank you ,happy that I got chance to met you,stay same as you are, you are bang on !!

There are times when you meet people for a short time but we can learn a lot from them within that short time and there are people who had lot of difficulties and had more tough lives than ours and still they are happy and full of life !!

That’s it for today ,its quarter past one in night ,Good Night and good bye.

Don`t forget to comment what you felt about the post !!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


After scams and Delhi Gang rape incident once again there is huge outcry in the country, and this time the culprit is PAKISTAN, whose troops crossed the LOC, intruded into Indian side of border and killed two of our brave soldiers Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar by slitting their throats on January 08, 2013.They even beheaded Hemraj and took his head back to Pakistan crossing all limits of barbarism.

After huge media outcry, there followed the so called tough statement by main opposition BJP with Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj asking for 10 heads of Pakistani troops .

Newly appointed External Affair Minister Salman Khursheed after giving measured and limited statements for quite sometime, took the tough stand and called the incident “inhuman, ghastly and unacceptable”

As usual, our #TheekHai PM came out of sleep after 9 days but surprisingly, this time roared high (seems new script writer has taken charge) & stated –  “there can’t be business as usual with Pakistan anymore”
In the mean time , CM of the Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav finally visited the home of slain soldier Lance Naik Hemraj in Mathura district and recently Chief of Army Staff General Bikram Singh too visited martyr Hemraj’s family.

That’s the story so far but what’s next? What is the solution? How long will we tolerate these barbaric acts of Pakistan and follow up denials? Is that #AmanKiAsha prank more important than lives of our own soldiers?

Those people or news channels who give a call for measured retaliation are termed as war mongers. So should we remain defensive always? And what about those brave soldiers who are killed by repeated cease fire violations from Pakistan every year?  We just read the news in the scrolls of TV news channels about the killing and then change the channel to some entertainment show. Had there been no head missing from the Hemraj’s body, the killing of these two brave hearts too would have been limited to TV scrolls. 
Can we even imagine the feelings of the mother and wife of martyr Hemraj when they would have seen the headless body of the slain Lance Naik. Hemraj joined the army in 2001 and since then he was mostly posted in border areas. He is survived by his widow, a son of 6 years and two daughters.
He was scheduled to return home in next few days but will never return now…

Slain Lance Naik Sudhakar, former village wrestling champion, is survived by widow and just four months old son .

Similar is the story of hundreds of soldiers who get killed along the border and their story don’t even appear in media.
They are true Indians, they are the ones because of whom we sleep in our bedroom without any worry.
Still there are so called Indians for whom friendship with cross border people is more important than the lives of our soldiers, still there are so called Indians for whom that #AmanKiAsha prank is more important than the lives of our heroes.

I am not in favor of war, war is not the solution but we can’t be defensive always, we need to honor those who laid their lives for us,we need to retaliate, we need to tell them not to mess with us.

Cross border friendship is good but no friendship can be above the lives of our soldiers and I agree 100% with the Gaurav Sawant ,Editor, Strategic affairs, Headlines today that we need to IGNORE pak, we have many adjacent countries ,let be friend with them, cut all the relations with Pakistan, let it bear the COST of back stabbing us again and again.

Don’t know why we all remain so keen to increase contact with Pakistan, start buses and trains, business and all, and what we get in return? Beheading!!

Pakistan will never change unless India shows its power . 

Also this time ,it is the question of morale of our army jawans. Here is what former chief said :

At last, i must say ,if not now,next time "if"  Pakistan does something wrong,India must act and India must act "tough".

# Please do let me know about your true views on the post and your own views over the same subject.Please do write in the comments section below.

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