Saturday, October 15, 2011


Twitter & Android ::: Yes Twitter and Android are really the integral part of my life these days.....
Initially it was Twitter which i started using ,as my closest friend Abhishek Bhardwaj  advised me to be regular on it and be a bit interactive.For first few weeks i found it the most boring site on internet but later on , i become addicted to it.But it was bit difficult to remain online on twitter on laptop all the time,Then my same friend  told me to go for android mobile handset.
In April this year i become the proud owner of LG P-500 (Optimus One ) Android phone (version 2.2)

I loved all its features and i m still loving it and now i remain in touch with twitter all the time with my android phone via Ubersocial......

Few bays back only i got it upgraded from Froyo 2.2 Android version to Gingerbread 2.3 
I am going to share the changes in these two versions via different pictures ..i hope you will like it....
Its time for the pictures rather screenshots to speak......

Lets start with the screenshots of my old version i.e. Android 2.2 :::

To begin with,the app that helped me in taking these screen shots - SCREENSHOT BY KASTORSOFT 
It is said that it works generally on rooted phones but luckily it worked on mine .

That used to be my home screen powered by "Beautiful widgets app" that i got for free from my friend...

Now, its Market time !!Lets buy the apps here,but in this market we can get lot of things in free too...
 Its the new upgraded market...(it works on both versions)
Its a bit slow ,older version of market was much faster.

When i  feel free ,i turn on my Opera mini browser to read some excellent n refreshing blogs like this one ::

Thats another window of my home screen ::

Apps and apps and apps ::

This used to be my dialer screen in froyo ::

My Gallery :::

Hmmm....all these snapshots were from my Android 2.2 version ..

Here comes the screenshots from the upgraded version 2.3 Ginger bread ::::

You can itself notify the changes,however there are no big alterations---

Notification Screen ::

As we can notice,signal bar colour has changed into green, Also the Notification screen background colour has been changed from White to Black....  

 Thats my new homescreen ::

Android version has changed to 2.3.3 =

 This time i took screen shots from same app but the look has changed a bit ::

Thats the honeycomb clock :::

 Again the App section ::

The contacts page ::

My Gallery ,yes you are allowed to roam into it ::

Thats my GTalk screen, i talk too much na...sorry ,go ahead ::

The main Settings Page,please notice the symbols  have been made colourful in this version ,no major changes ::

Thats one of my Home Screen currently ::

One major thing i would like to share that ,after upgrade many of the pre installed  applications like dictionaries and phone specific apps (LG apstore in my case) vanish and cannot be used in gingerbread.
I still miss my preinstalled offline dictionary which no longer work in this version 2.3.
I have to cope with this online dictionary ::

The bottom pop-up screen has also changed a bit ::

Thats my favourite Music App  SAAVN...just search any song and you will find it instantly ::

And thats my Favourite Game ::

Music Station :

This Battery usage screen has also changed in this version ::

You can notice the signal bar here have changed to white from Green,they keep on flipping ::

........Thats all.....yes ...thats all..

I was equally surprised when i dint found any major changes in these two versions .
I was expecting a lot but no such change is there.As everyone say battery consumption will decrease,but i dint felt any major change.
Infact, i lost many of the important preinstalled apps.

But its all not vain,it has bought some colourful changes in my phone...Also maybe i am yet to explore some more changes...

New version of the Android (2.4.0) is also coming soon and it will be called ICE-CREAM SANDWICH but my phone no longer support any further upgrade.

But I M LOVING IT >>>>I LOVE ANDROID>>>>I LOVE TWITTER...........if you wish, do follow me at twitter/manishrajora

If you know any other change or wish to correct me..Please do write in the comments section.....All your views from every single reader of this post are awaited in the comments section below.........

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