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INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION !! - A Crusade by Anna Hazare

Its been around 5 months I haven`t written any post here because I am a bit lazy,also I was not getting any topic to write on…….but today I could not stop myself to express my feelings on this topic…the topic concerned to every person of the society,the topic that has created a nationwide awareness and anger against corruption,the topic that has created history,the topic that has united the Indian people all over the country rather world,the topic that has compelled the government to accept the demands.yes I am talking about the – ANNA`S REVOLUTION-INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION.

ANNA,the name ,till last week,I used to know only as a social activist, is everyone`s inspiration now.Everyone knows who Anna Hazare is,just because of the unprecedented task he has done,the fire he has ignited.

Everyday everyone used to talk about corruption but nobody was daring to take action ,to try to stop corruption nationwide but this 72 years old young man has done this by starting a nationwide movement and going on fast unto death on 5th April 2011 to compel government to agree on Jan Lokpal bill and forming the drafting committee with equal number of members from civil society.

I am calling Anna ,a very young man because even on the 4th day of his fast he was as energized and as active as he was on day 1.Being an ex-armyman ,he is too strong and dedicated that even after retiring from army, he started working for the welfare of common people and development of his village Ralegan Siddhi ,later on this village was awarded with the tag of Model village.He also worked for uprooting alcoholism,milk production programmes,removal of untouchabilities, and collective marriages however himself he hasn`t married .He also launched anti –corruption protests in Maharastra and worked a lot for Right to Information bill.He was,indeed,awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India. To aise hai hamare Anna……………..

AS every coin has two flip sides, this successful crusade by Anna Hazare is also being considered worthless by some cynical people but these people have their own views for such cynical feeling of distrust. Some people like famous CNN IBN anchor/journalist Sagarika Ghose think that if such jan lokpal bill comes into existence than there are large possibilities that our India will convert into a Police State with all the power being with the Lokpal at the centre (quoted as per her tweets).

I simply just want to ask such people that there is a possibility that we may convert into police state but if this bill does not convert into law will not we surely convert into a failed state with such amount of corruption scams going on everywhere mainly by ministers,leaders and government officers??

Yes,I agree that some loopholes may be there in this Janlokpal bill but that is why this bill is being examined by the drafting committee to remove such loopholes after due consultations with the thinktanks.The main point that i also think should happen is-at central level only single person lokpal should not have all the powers,infact ,a panel of 4-5 person together should be there at central level as a lokpal. Also decision taking authority must only be with the leaders/ministers.Lokpal should only look into well proved corruption charges only.However surely all these shortcomings of bill(if any) will be looked into but such bill is the need of the hour to prevent atleast the coming generation from facing such huge corruption which has currently engulfed the society with its huge wings.These wings need to be clipped urgently.

But with this crusade against corruption one thing is clear, we all Indians can come together within a short period of time as seen in this movement at Jantar Mantar.People from all sections of society whether children,housewives,school/college going students ,activists,filmstars,artists, irrespective of cast,creed ,culture and age took part into the movement.Its really the victory of People of India.

However,it is just a beginning ,we have a long way to go to fight against this menace called corruption but this can be called our Initial victory as the Drafting Committee has been constituted with 50:50 share from government and Civil Soceity.But in this victory ,we must not forget our real heroes Arvind Kejrival, Swami Agnivesh and Kiran Bedi alongwith Anna Hazare for their valuable contribution in starting the Fight against Corruption called India Against Corruption.Kiran Bedi is definitely a women of substance.

The role of media in covering this movement and spreading awareness is really commendable.

Atlast lets say together ::

Anna nahin ye andhi hai,aaj k yug ka Gandhi hai…..

Really we need true ,selfless and altruistic person like him to lead the nation………………

Your feedback and views as comments is highly required...................

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