Monday, August 9, 2010


All is well now but all was not well yesterday when i dated with accident rather a serious accident,first accident of my life as far as i remember.
Actually,we all three roommates ,here in Allahabad,were supposed to attend the official party in a local hotel at 6 in evening.But we could not return from work even upto 7pm.Everyone was waiting for us.So first we reached our room around 7.30 pm and started getting ready.Meanwhile we sent our car to pick one of our friend from his home.
We dont know what the God was planning,our car got stuck in jam,so we decided to move for venue in another car with a new driver.
As we reached at first road crossing within one minute of sitting in car,our driver without seeing toward left,pressed the accelerator,then what happened ...................................................bhadooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually Army Truck hit our car from left side,the backseat window rammed inside ,window glass got completely broken into pieces,our car got half tilted.My senior,Hariom who was sitting alongside that window,however preassumed the accident ,and just seconds before the truck rammed the car,he immediately got laid over me as i was sitting on his right side.
Then,by the grace of God ,all 4 of us including driver ,managed to come out of half tilted car and that too unhurt.Actually the accident occured just in front of a Church.
As we came out,Hariom Sir`s body was completely shaking from fear,covered with the glass pieces all over.Window pane pieces also fall on me.No major injury occured.But yes,for the very first time i saw the death so closely.
Fault was of our driver really!!Army truck`s driver however, applied the brakes on time very fast,otherwise,i may not have been writing this post now.
Then our Boss reached the site within minutes and we headed for the party once again and we enjoyed there a lot!!!!!!

Really,once again i would like to thank God for this lucky escape!!
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