Monday, August 16, 2010


PEEPLI [LIVE] - Awesome movie!! a must watch movie !!

I called it awesome not because of extent of entertainment,just because of the lesson it delivers.

Really,i wont be wrong if i call it a slap on indian government,indian system,indian people and last but not the least Indian media!!

Movie was directed and represented excellently but the lenght of the movie was really short.We got the interval in 40 minutes.

But,it was the humour of movie that forces everyone to feel that movie should go on and on and on.The role of the media shown in the movie is true to large extent which keep running behind a single story leaving behind the several more important stories.
It really gives a big lesson to media,it should give up the way in which if one channel starts a story,all the 20-30 channels start following it,making the life of the subject miserable.

It was a another excellent movie produced by Mr.Perfectionist Aamir khan.

It also clearly presents the condition of Indian farmers commiting suicides because of the debt.
Inflation and its impact on poor is also shown through the song "Mehngai dayan khai jaat hai"
Really it is a Ground Zero movie,a must watch movie for all,a movie that compels everyone to feel the conditions of poor farmers in india.
It also force us to feel the wealth difference in India.On one side,people like Mr.Ambani is planning to land his helicopter on the roof of his multistorey building,on the another side people like Natha choose the way of suicide to have some money from govt.Cant anything be done to bridge this gap even marginally.
We also should not waste the money or material we have,it can be given to a person in need.
Government should also do something so that such incidents of wheat rotting dont happen again!!
Rather,it can be distributed among peolple below povertyline as per the Hon`ble Supreme court directive.

A must watch movie for all those who havenot seen it yet.I assure you wont get bore even for a single second.

It was our independence day yesterday,so feel independent,remember our martyrs.
JAI HIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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