Monday, July 5, 2010


I think everyone of us loves india !! everybody loves GANGA!!
Everyone of us keep saying everywhere - we are proud to be an indian! ,we have oldest civilization! ,we have rivers like Yamuna ,Ganga!


Holy Ganga!!

Lets talk about the state of river Ganga today,recently declared our national river!!
Yes,we are proud of having river Ganga amongst us but definitely Gangaji may be felling ashamed for being amongst us!!

I wont be wrong if i say that we have converted Ganga! our Ganga into Gutter!!
Dont believe?? look --

yes!Believe or not this is our GANGA!!
What we have done to it !! People fire dead bodies on the bank of river ganga the ashes of which goes to river making it more....??? When we will be able to stop such rituals??? Jaago Logo Jaago!!

Some Dead bodies are even dropped into the ganga directly which remained flowing on banks all over.Such dead bodies rot after few days and add to beauty of river!!!!
Look the man made changes bought to the river ganga---

Look how much we love our Ganga---

These all are true pictures.A sense of sadness creeps in,after seeing such pictures!!but this feeling remains limited to feeling only,it is not converted into action.!!

Large no. of NGOs are working for making Ganga pure.Several organisations have come forward for making Ganga pure but their outcome is yet to see.
Nothing can be done and no organisatioon can make Ganga pure unless
we-the people take the pledge for making Ganga pure by spreading awareness
among the people,stopping the rituals like burning dead bodies etc.

Lets take the pledge for make our Ganga in Varanasi as pure as beautiful as it is in Rishikesh!!!
Lets make it, as it was earlier--


  1. Man i could say nothing, the pictures said it all.
    Very rightly said its awareness that we could spread which will help it to save.
    After seeing these pictures one would think again before drinking its water or taking a dip in it.
    Wonderful post, you are destined to be a great blogger.
    If any pictures here are taken by you ?

  2. no dear ,pictures are not mine!! but whatever is shown,this all is reality!!
    i have seen such scenes!!
    THanks for the wonderful comments!!

  3. Its time you start publicizing your blog.

  4. from where u had collected these photos......... it's just not over by collecting and pasting these photos do something really serious to save our ganga for man kind and also hiduism...... u r in allahabad ........ u can do a lot in this field ok thik about it

  5. Nothing excellent can be done here in allahababd bcoz Ganga is no more here in allahabad now a days.U wont find even a drop in ganga river these days thanks to tehri dam and other dams!!

  6. Manish, your ability to tell stories transendes beyong the normal storytelling and the pictures that you have used here makes it even more gravitating...Best of luck bro..hope to see more of you ..Keep Blogging!

  7. This post deserves more comments, its an eye opener !

  8. Thanks Anand and Abhishek for your overwhelming comments!!
    Its extreme time to save ganga!!
    Will try to post more better posts!!


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