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MARRIAGE - The simple word with the deep meaning with which the two hearts officially become single.

In India,at different places ,marriages happen in different traditions ,with different way,in different budgets.
Largely.the marriages i attended till date were almost of same format but recently few days back i attended a unique marriage of my friend`s friend.I am going to write different experience of mine at the marriage.
Let me clear in beginning that it was not at all a low budget marriage,it was a good budget one,only they followed the tradition of village!!

The venue was a village(Girl`s home) around 25km from Varanasi city and 20 km inside from the Allahabad - Varanasi highway.
I,alongwith my friend Hariom,reached the place,from where the whole baraat was to move to the village(the venue).
I was a bit surprised by seeing that around 20-30 cars where ready to move.From there started the cavalcade to move to venue.Our car also joined the cavalcade.After passing and leaving behind many villages we reached the venue ,the village,name of which i dont remember.
When i alight,i saw everyboby`s car was fully covered with the dust.
There was a huge ground(the khet in actual) where the arrangements were made for us,the baaratees.
A big nice tent was there,good lighting arrangements were also there.But inside the tent,no chairs were there,There were all carpets on ground for everyone to sit on.
Interestingly a designer single chair was kept at back in tent for the dhooleraja (the groom).This was the completely unique type of arrangement i had ever seen in my life.Lets move on ,
Dhooleraja came out of his fully decorated red coloured Honda city car and sat on his only chair.
Let me also tell you not even a single woman or girl was there in baraat,a big mess!
A big drum full of water was kept there in the ground with a single mug.Come,take a sip and move aside,let the person behind you,drink water.This was the scene there
If you dint left the area just after having water,crowd would have pushed you outside that place automatically.
Now,if one want to sit or sleep,some arrangements were there too,many folding beds were kept there one over another,
Whoever wants to sleep,go pick one,and choose any place for your folding bed.
One hour passed,but nothing was offered to any of one.Bhojpuri songs were being played there in full volume,lyrics of which i dont understand.We were waiting for
something to happen.Then we saw two man coming with hundreds of packets in a rickshaw.They started distributing one packet to each but chilren attacked them.Our driver Pappuji also managed packets for us.Sweets were there inside.
Then started the ghudchadi!!Specially girls were hired to dance.They were dancing in front of the mare alongwith other male baaratees(This was completely new for me.I had never seen dancing girls in marriages).
At last,we reached the girl`s house where dinner arrangements were made.The crowd attacked the dinner,we all know the village crowd!! I laughed a lot seeing all this mess.
However,arrangements were good,decoration was nice,(afterall groom was Engineer) but all goes in vain in front of crowd.
We also had our dinner,attended the function and returned to the saame tent.The scene was different now.All those hired dancing girls were dancing on the stage with DJ on different bhojpuri songs.Hundreds of villagers were sitting on the ground,watching the dance,whitsling in between.
And to add to the taste,two policemen were also arranged for managing the crowd.This was a typical bhojpuri movie scene.
WE also watched the dance for few minutes.Then we left the venue around 1 A.M.

IT was a complete different experience for me,i enjoyed a lot,i laughed a lot.
It was a full-on Shaadi.!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless the Bride-Groom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

P.S.- I would like to clear that there is no intention of mine to disregard or dishonour the grooms` or brides` family.This was a normal marriage for them.I only explained,what i felt.


  1. Looks like its a typical Marriage in that place.
    The marriages here in north India are completely different,more than marriage its the show of ur status, but there in Eastern U.P. i guess its still the long old traditions.
    But the irony was no Women were present, instead dance girls were there which is out of my thought.
    Lastly the sad part no one was able to see the Bride.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. No dear,everyone saw the bride and groom sitting on stage!!i told you na,it was a modern shaadi,only some tilts were there!!!

  4. You told na ki there was only one Chair and that too for Groom ! I know you don't want

  5. You told na ki there was only one Chair and that too for Groom ! I know you don't want to see my comment.

  6. No dear i want my comment box full of your comments!!ek tu hi to hai jo comment karta hai!din mai 10 bar check karta hu par koi nahi likhta!tera padhkar hi khushi hoti hai


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