Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yes, It happens only in India and it can really happen only in India.
Day before yesterday I read the above story in a Hindi daily at a Chai (Tea) shop. After reading the story one question rose up – when will this system change? And will it ever?

Actually, last year in june ,In Chirakoot ,on proper intelligence inputs, U.P. Police raided a house and shot dead a dacoit having a prize money of Rs. 50,000 over him. Four soldiers died in the encounter (No officer died).
Everone praised the task done by Police at that time.

Now, after a year, names of the brave policemen were to be sent to President`s Office for the bravery awards to be given by the H`ble President. So the `Sadeiv Tatpar ` U.P.Police decided to send the names of Mr. Brajlal ADG(Law and Order) and the then police SO for the bravery awards ,ADG was in Lucknow during operation And we should feel proud by knowing that the name of any of the four martyrs, (the four late policemen) was nowhere on the list.

The four policemen`s names ,who lossed their lives while fighting for us,were nowhere on the list just because they were simple sipahi , the soldiers.
Is it the RANK which decides ones` love for the nation? Is it the high RANK which is required to get even shortlisted for the bravery awards despite losing their lives, forget being alive??? Is it required to have reach to the upper level to get bravery awards????

These are some unanswered questions and I think these cant be answered easily in the environment,the situation our country is in!!
This is not the only such case and this is not the only department where such thing occurs . Indian Army is also famous for the same.

I love Armymen so the army,I don’t want to write against them but i`ll write some facts!!
I know many men in Army,They all tell the same story that in Army the value of a low rank holder e.g. soldier(sipahi by rank) is nothing.
Unless you are a officer,you wont get any appreciation even.If any incident occurs,any encounter occurs,for e.g. many militants are shot dead.Then,the major or any other officer involved in operation from the back side will be rewarded.No weightage is given to a low rank holder despite performing better than officer.
Believe it or not but this is harsh reality of Indian system .I would blame media also for some extent(only for some extent,some channels show very nice stories rather reality ).

Generally Media also highlights the high rank holder only. Like after 26/11 incident,where several sipahis died,several officers died but Media generally kept highlighting the officers only.I also salute officers work too,but why underestimate others work??Even now we may count on finger tips the name of few officers involved in 26/11 but no name of Sipahis involved.All thanks to Media.
Nothing can be done! We all are adapt of the system and system cant change because we cant change!!
We live in a country where the death compensations are given on the mode of travel basis.If one died in Bus accident he`ll get Rs.10000,If died in Train Accident one`ll get Rs.1 Lakh and if one died in Air Crash,he`ll get Rs.20 Lakh.
Thanks to our system.This will go forever I think…………..

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