Friday, March 30, 2012


Whatever happens these days,instantly it is before the people, whether it is in Politics, Science, Sport or Civil society.Oh! i forget to mention a new addition `Army` to it. However,all these fields have merged these days into a single term - `Politics`.
Newspaper is too late, leaving aside even the breaking news of News Channels, Twitter is the most reliable , open, free for all news source of Instant India......

Unprecedentedly and very disheartening, Indian Army, COAS Gen V.K.Singh to be precise, is the prime time topic of debates on all News channels.These type of stories of clash between Government and Army Chief,used to belong to our very own neighbor Pakistan but now the whole Bribe issue,kickbacks and Letter Bomb have compelled us to re-think -Are we going slowly the Pakistan way?
 It may be wrong for writing such hypothetical possibilities but such questions do arise in my heart at least......


As expected,our cross border friends have already started making fun of our Army :

However, on lighter node, i must thank indian channels specially Times Now for not inviting guests from Pakistan on their debates on this issue.

I think many people are having very cynical approach towards Army chief. His few steps in the past may be wrong but linking everything ,whatever he does,to the age row is wrong itself .
The leakage of his letter to PM is matter of grave concern but blaming the chief for the leakage of letter to media is clearly the instance of everyone being cynical of him,the same chief who called this, the case of Treason.

Ironically,most of the media barons and politicians are creating the fuss about leakage, less are talking about the content of the letter ,the very fact that our army is not even in satisfying situations and 97% equipments are of no use and above all, this secret is no more a secret to our enemies and the outside world.

In this country,the whistle-blower has to show his character certificate first, then clear all allegations ,then some one tries to listen what he or she said, if successful in clearing the tests.Same is the case with Team Anna these days against whom the whole parliament becomes unite within hours and when it comes to pass a bill, the copies are torn in the well of the house and everyone including the so called best orator ,the leaders of both houses of parliament ,remains mum forget the ruling party and tongue-less PM .

Actually the state of instant India is not in order these days and this government is solely responsible for this.
It cant keep the equilibrium and the secrecy required to handle and run the nation.Keep aside the scams for which this government is known for, this government cant handle even the space scientists,the same scientist who was its hero on the success of Chandrayaan, was thrashed publicly and thrown out.

Army unhappy, Scientists fumed,opposition ready to topple the government, coalition partners are giving warnings,Supreme court is ready with hunter and civil society is pissed, such is the taste of Instant India !!!!!!

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