Monday, January 2, 2012


Today we stepped into the year 2012 ,still celebrations are on….Last light when most people were dancing n celebrating at various places I was celebrating with twitter and TV , I was enjoying  the BIG Entertainment awards on Star Plus where after many superb performances , Dhanush came on stage,hold the mike and yes the KOLAVERI Di was there again, where some lyrics were modified just for BIG B…it was as awesome as always…I wont be wrong if I say KOLAVERI DI was the CULT of the year 2011.

I am writing about Kolaveri not because I want to tell you about this,I think each and every bachcha now knows about it, but because I am just in love with it. Have you ever seen MTV playing a Tamil Song?? All Radio Stations playing one TAMIL oriented song ?? Record Youtube views in just few days ?? No!  but all this happened for the phenomenon  KOLAVERI DI.   


KOLAVERI , a Tamil word  that means – “ murderous rage  “ but who cares, what we like is overall song, tune n all, ultimate combination. Lot of people can be seen humming it out around us. But, Hello, there are people who cares a lot about it and called it even  “ insult to sensibility”. I`ll come to it later  but let me tell you guys how i first heard about it. Actually one day while going through my twitter Timeline i saw my friend  Abhishek  was talking to someone from south about KOLAVERI DI.Immediately i jumped n asked him about this and he suggested me to rather google it but after few days it was all over on radio and TV channels,it was how i came to know about it and i superliked it after seeing it for first time on Youtube. 
        The song was officially released on 16 November 2011, and it instantly became viral on  social  networking sites  for its quirky   "Tanglish" (Tamil and English)  lyrics . The song became the most searched  YouTube  video in  India and   an internet phenomenon across Asia. Within  few days, YouTube honoured the video with  a  Recently  Most Popular Gold Medal Award for receiving a large number of hits within few days. The  Song is meant for the  Tamil movie ‘3’ . It  was  sung  and  written  by  DHANUSH and directed by  another  sensation ANIRUDH RAVICHANDER.
This song soon become the cult and made DHANUSH an overnight star in India , if not Asia. And according to DHANUSH, song`s success has changed his life spreading his stardom from South to whole India.
The entire nation seems to be swinging to kolaveri Di and the song has become a rage on TV too .It has been dominating the airwaves on all music channels so much so that the veteran Hindi actor Amitabh Bachchan also went gaga over the song.Everyone from child to aged one can be seen shaking legs on the beats of the song but there was a name who came openly criticizing the song, none other than our own Javed Akhtar Sahab…. Here is what he wrote on twitter ::

Fir kya tha...whole twitter world was after him.....janab ne to publicity stunt karar diya.....

Then came another guy but he was in fovour of Javed Sahab ,claimed creativity at all time low... 

Then Archana Negi asked very legitimate Question ,what about your creativity  "Meri laundry ka ek bill" sir and attracted a furious rebuttal from Javed Sahab......  

Then came another Anti Kolaveri bug and claimed no one will ....ok read it yourself......

Another bouncer to Javed Sahab asked what about yours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13........ to which he requested to hear the lyrics again......

Then Soham sahab requested him to be a bit sensible....

Then there was the jackpot question that if Big B and others can praise Kolaveri ,why cant you? Here is what he replied ::

I was not having enough calories to follow that tweet fight further but before i apply full stop to Big fight, here is what Big B tweeted about KOLAVERI CULT ::

"Just heard `Kolaveri Di` after much talk on it......its so original and catchy.....congrats Dhanush and Aishwarya(Rajni`s daughter),"

Now its the time for Kolaveri REMIXES..... how can i finish this post without mentioning the sweetest Kolaveri remix by cute Nevaan Nigam,son of sensational Sonu Nigam.

Kolaveri becomes phenomenon across the Border too and Pakis came up with 
"Democracy kolaveri Di".....

Still thinking what this Kolaveri Song is??????? Here are the lyrics ::
These days even police is asking -

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