Monday, September 26, 2011


Recently I came to know that after TAJMAHAL, the second highest number of foreign tourists visit KHAJURAHO, so we, four friends planned to visit this World heritage site “KHAJURAHO TEMPLES”, one among the seven wonders of India and named so due to abundance of Palm trees at that time… 

                                                                                                                                                              These temples are not about religion and worshipping . The temples of Khajuraho are instead famous for the eroticism etched on its walls in the form of sculptures,yes its true indeed .An amalgamation of science and art of architecture, these 10th-11th century temples have a very interesting legend behind them that connects them to the origin of Chandela dynasty.

Accordindg to a very old myth it is said that in a fit of passion and lust, the Moon God ,yes guessed right ‘chandra devta’ seduced and ravaged a beautiful Brahmin girl known as Hemvati, resulting in the birth of Chandravarman (the founder of the Chandela dynasty).

Later, Chandravarman had a dream where his mother requested him to make a temple, which would reveal all aspects of passion and erotic fantasy to the world.

Only 22 temples have survived out of the original 85 temples. It displays one of the most unique stone-carving work and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1986. 

This place is well connected by Air and Road and many good hotels are there…..We went through the the Road however as we tried to follow shortcut to reach there, it proved to be a ordeal for us to reach there…But anyhow we managed to reached there on time.

The temples are grouped into three geographical divisions: western, eastern and southern.

As we entered there , audio devices were also being offered ,which guides us about that very place where we are at that time, It was indeed a good service,we need not to take guide then….

As we moved on, we were amazed to see the art on temples ,a true amalgamation of art and science,I was simply touching and feeling those excellent art work and thinking how were they made with so much sharpness and similarity thousands year back when there were no machines no cutters… true talent

And yes, as we moved on,we got to see what we were looking for immensely..the erotism..or we can say ‘Kamasutra’……These walled sculptures include depiction of numerous deities, their attendants in sensuous positions and provocative postures, embracing couples, dancers and musicians and couples engaged in various refinements of love or sex or whatever.But even such depiction was etched amazingly....It was so erotic that i saw may foreigner tourists to do...'OOOooo' keeping fingures on lips.. 

Some scripts were also written there at many places, atleast i was not able to understand even a single word.You may try below :

We also got to meet and talk to some of the foreign tourists and they all were delighted to see that place and the hot sun was making them to hide around every few minutes….

                                             IN PICTURE (Its me with a Japanese tourist )

Also I was sad rather shocked to see ,here also like Kutub Minar and other places ,the faces of almost all gods,idols and statues were fully or partly damaged but I thing was clear that it was intentionally done by someone…still I don’t know who did so and why …if anyone of you know the reason please let me know in the comments section….

We also visited the JAIN Temple there,we get to see superb marble art work there….

We must appreciate the great preservation work done by the ASI (Archaelogical Survey of India) …Much impressed by seeing the cleanliness and greenery all over, very well maintained ,all thanks to the people behind this…

It was a unforgettable trip…..and hello….much more fun was waiting for us ahead…We get to know from a local person about a waterfall there around 25 KM from Khajuraho called ‘RANEHFALL’ . We rushed there immediately as we were running out of the time . There was the entry fee of RS.240 for whole car ,no matter how many person are there inside …..Anyway the main entrance gate was 3 KM from the Fall, and it was a complete forest area with lot of trees ,wild animals all over and a narrow cemented road in between….. We tried to bargain but fail and agreed when came to know that it is government approved fare and is fixed.. Within 5 minutes ,we reached there ,yes ! we reached `Heaven` ,what a scene that was…..water coming out from rocks with ultimate speed from many places…it was like a scenery…see it yourself --

Guide told us that volcano erupted there thousands years ago resulted into this with Red and Black igneous rocks all over…I just cant narrate you my feeling with words any more ,you need to be there to feel the same,and we would have missed the main attraction of Khajuraho, had we returned without visiting the place…..

At last I must say it was mesmerizing and life long experience……………......

Whether you liked my post or not,suggestions or complaints ,good or bad comments,all are much required in my comments section below.
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