Monday, January 28, 2019

Six long years : India @ 2019

I am writing this blog after 6 long years. The last blog I shared with you was in November 2013, it wasn't that I didn't want to write something in all these years but I was bit lazy & whenever I thought to write something, I could not decide any topic that I should write on.

Today when I was checking my Twitter profile I saw my blog url there & found that the last post there was in November 2013

 I'm having some time so thought to write something.
Since 2013 life has changed a lot, at that time I was a bachelor now I am a married man with one lovely kid.
I feel rather than personal things I should write about the things that have changed in all these 6 years
As I love mobiles, since 2013 I have changed almost 5-6 phones, may be more , currently I am using Xiaomi's Mi A1 that's a Android one phone, recently upgraded to Android Oreo. It's a good phone but since I am using it over a year I wish to upgrade it soon, now I may go for one plus next phone.
Prior to this I was using my Honor 6x phone, didn't liked it much & and used it for less than a year. However it was a good phone too.
Before this, I was using xiaomi's redmi Note 3. I lost that phone while boarding a bus around 2 am in night, someone stole it from my pocket when I was out of my town.
Nowadays, spending a day without mobile is that much difficult that after loosing the phone at 2 am I ordered new phone (honor 6x) same day!

In today's era of technology, my passion for mobiles has also taken a leap as I recently purchased Mi TV 4 55 inches, a UHD smart Android TV and from graphics to content everything is great and I am very much satisfied from this purchase. However non-availability of Netflix is a cons!

As I like politics a lot too, so let me tell you what I feel about the current state of politics in India.
Modiji has done a good work in past 5 years however it is very low then our expectations. As he got success in taking some big decisions like GST & demonetization, he surely shined the image of the India at Global forum. Statue of Unity was latest addition.
However he could not fulfill his several announcements & promises made with the people of India. Where are the smart cities? Not a single seem to be near completion.
Varanasi was supposed to be converted in Kyoto, no where nearby it is, 5 years later, similar is the condition of clean Ganga project.

However Swachh Bharat was one of the best initiative taken by the government but no much progress has been made in this program beyond photo ops since last 2 years.
Such initiatives can't be a success without people's involvement by heart, yet something more need to be done in this context. At grassroot level several things happened from villages, block level to metros, people started keeping their premises clean. India Railways stations are the live example of success of this campaign but at the town level, situated has not changed much. Separate blue and green coloured dustbins are there on the road but no segregation happens after that. we have seen that garbage from both blue and green colour dustbins is put in the same trolley and  dumped somewhere in the outer areas by the municipal corporations. Government should bring in some law to impose penalties for littering. Otherwise this was the best initiative taken by the government as hardly any person at top level think in this regard. On the other hand making the village ODF villages is a huge success wherein toilets were constructed in record numbers.

Another topic of talk of the town these days is Ram Mandir. BJP also promised several times regarding the construction of the Ram Mandir at the earliest but hardly did anything to expedite the process. In 2010 Allahabad high court gave the verdict, since then the matter is stuck at the highest court of India. On the day of judgement i was there in Allahabad and could see how happy the people were post the judgement which was read by the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court. Para forces were marching in every colony of Allahabad to ensure peace post judgement but nothing happened even from High Court judgement. SC is sitting over it since a decade. No party including Supreme Court of India seems willing to take this case at a logical conclusion. What we are given is Tarikh pe tarikh.

On 29th January, this case was supposed to be heard in the CJI's 5 Judge  bench but yet another time this case has been deferred due to unavailability of the one judge. Even next date of hearing has not been given this time.

It seems even Supreme Court is unwilling to conclude this case as soon as possible, SC can open the Court midnight to hear a terrorist's petition but surprisingly can't give due time to this case.

In my opinion government should bring in the ordinance before general elections and either implement the exact order of Allahabad high court or start bhavya Ram Mandir construction and allot land for masjid in nearby area.

Enough politics has been done by the governments and political parties and lot of delay already done by the Supreme Court. How long can they play with the feelings of Hindus? How long Lord Shri Ram is going to stay in a makeshift tent?

Even if we agree for a argument that masjid was there earlier, why can't they now agree to shift masjid to near by area. After all this masjid was one of the millions masjid that exist in our nation. What so special that they want it to be build there only.
On the other hand, that place is the birthplace of our lord Ram, worshipped by millions of Hindus. There can't be a alternative birthplace but there can be a seperate place for babri masjid. God knows why muslim community does not agree to this demand.

There is zero expectation from supreme court to decide on this matter in near further. Hope the executive will take the decision.

That's all for now. Do comment your views in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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